Recommended Itinerary

Firstly, about your accommodation we suggest you CheckInn Hostel, a very good location close to
several noted attractions and around 1 km from Scanderbeg Square. At the hostel, every room is equipped
with a closet. All rooms come with air conditioning, and selected rooms include a balcony. An Italian
breakfast is served every morning at the property.
To be mentioned: Free Wifi 24h
Price: 20€ per night Breakfast included
Day one
11:00-11:30 Visit the “Scanderbeg Square”
11:30-13:30 Visit the “National Museum of History”
The National Museum of History is Albania’s most important and largest museum. Careful you don’t get
lost inside! There is a variety of exhibits, from the prehistoric times, to WW2 and communist era exhibits.
So if you are interested in getting the full picture of Albanian history, then this is the place for you!
13:30-14:00 Visit the Clock Tower
Perhaps the most important landmark of Tirana, the Clock Tower also serves as the symbol of our beloved
city. It was built by the bejtexhi poet Et’hem Bey Mollaj around 1822, who also built the mosque located
close to the tower. It is sure to grab your attention as you’re walking around the city center. You should
definitely try climbing up the old staircase (about 90 steps) and checking out the amazing view of the city
center from above (great photo opportunity!). You can also use it to tell the time of course.
After seeing some important sights of Tirana, it is time to enjoy some Traditional food. We call it the Food
14:30-16:00 Lunch at Mullixhiu
Mullixhiu is one of the best restaurants in Tirana, offering fine dining, great hospitality and family warmth
that honors the tradition and values of Albanian Culture. So, if you want to eat locally go to Mullixhiu.
Also, don’t forget to book your experience online
Located at Shetitorja Lazgush Poradeci | Diga e Liqenit Artificial, Tirana 1000, Albania
Opened 12:00 PM- 16:00 PM and 18:00 PM-20:00 PM
16:15-18:00 Visit Grand Park of Tirana
Grand Park of Tirana is a public park situated on the southern part of Tirana, Albania. The Park includes
an artificial lake and many other landmarks such as the Saint Procopius Church, the Presidential Palace,
and memorials to several Albanian personalities. It remains one of the most relaxing places in the city,
despite increasing buildings being developed near the park, an early-morning run or promenade is a daily
routines for many citizens. To the southern end of the Park, there is the Zoo and the Botanical Garden. The
latter includes many flowers and plants that are common the Albanian environment.
If you want, you can drink a coffee in one of the bars there, while enjoying the view of the lake.
18:15-19:00 Visit the Pyramid of Tirana at “Deshmoret e Kombit” Boulevard in the center of Tirana
It is absolutely an important tourist attraction. As a symbol of a notorious communism, it resisted some
attempts to be destroyed by previous governments. But it is still there, unrestored, a symbol of the mixed
and contradictory history of Tirana. It was inaugurated on October 14, 1988, as the mausoleum of the
dictator, Enver Hoxha. The pyramid form was designed by a group of architects led by the daughter and
son-in-law of the dictator. Construction began in 1986 and ended in 1988. It did indeed serve as a
mausoleum for Hoxha, until 1991, after which it became a conference and fair centre.It took its
name—The Pyramid—during the student revolt of December 1990, both from its form but also as a

symbol of dictatorship. Today, it is officially known as the Pjeter Arbnori International Cultural Centre,
and stands out as a remarkable piece of architecture and legacy from communism.
It is not a museum and you can walk around outside it any time of day or night. You can even climb to the
top of it. Many children use it as a slide.
19:15-20:00 Visit “Blloku” and Former Residence of Enver Hoxha
The former residence of Enver Hoxha is located in Blloku, a communist party neighborhood to which
access for the general public was forbidden until 1990. After 1990, people flooded into this district to see
what it looked like and also see the house where their leader had lived. The former residence of Enver
Hoxha, a three-story house painted with pastel colors, apparently was not as luxurious as many had
pictured. Today Blloku is a popular district with plenty of nightclubs, pubs, restaurants and shops.
20:30-22:00 Dinner at “Era”
Rr. Papa Gjon Pali II, Vila nr. 11 Tiranë, Shqipëri
Era’s flagship restaurant promotes itself as a classy dining experience and a pizza restaurant in one,
although in our opinion its highest accolade comes as the best place in the city to sample the finest
Albanian cuisine from all over the country. A little pricey compared to similar restaurants simply because
it uses the best and freshest ingredients, find yourself rubbing shoulders with everyone from brash
American backpackers to men in sharp suits delivered and driven away again in expensive-looking cars. If
you don’t know what to order, the waiters are well versed in the complexities of the menu. Era’s other,
smaller restaurant can be found in the blloku on Rr. Sami Frashëri

22:30- Enjoy Tirana nightlife at Izzy Living, “Blloku”
A quirky living room-style interior and a really nice terrace on the street corner attract punters to Izzy
Living, where the young and the beautiful come during the weekend for a bit of fun and a good choice of
drinks. You’ll often find a DJ here as is the norm nowadays. If you’re feeling hungry, we recommend the
toasted sandwiches with a side order of French fries.
Rr. Pjeter Bogdani Nr. 6 Tirana, Albania

Day Two
Breakfast in the hostel
10:00-11:15 Visit National Museum of Fine Arts
The National Museum of Fine Arts (aka The National Art Gallery), is a charming place dedicated to
exhibiting the history of painting in Albania. It is divided in two sections : downstairs you can find 19th
century paintings depicting images from the everyday lives of Albanians, while the upper floor is entirely
dedicated to socialist realism art in all its glory. Make sure you don’t miss the statues of Joseph Stalin and
Vladimir Lenini, which are hidden behind the gallery’s building.

11:30-13:00 Visit Bunk’ART 2
Bunk’ART 2, located right in the center of Tirana. Reconstructs the history of the Interior Ministry in
Albania from 1912 to 1991 and reveals the secrets of Security, the political police : the fierce persecution
weapon used by the Enver Hoxha regime and also information on prison, working camps, and the victims
of communism.
13:00-14:00 Visit New Bazaar
The New Bazaar is located at Avni Rustemi Sqaure, only 8 minute walk from the center of Tirana and
quickly became the newest attraction of the city. Before the Inauguration, even though it kept the same
name, the New Bazaar area was a chaotic place where vendors were selling their products not in good
conditions. New Bazaar was a much needed investment for the city, replacing the decrepit one. It hosts
some contemporary painted buildings, but it respects tradition, and is giving back to the city the beauty and
authenticity. The New bazaar is already turned into a major attraction of the city due to the unique facades
that have preserved the Italian architectural style, the decoration with Albanian motives, as well as public
spaces to enjoy fresh food and rest. From the inauguration day the visitors in this area are increased, not
only for the beautiful buildings but for also for the nice café and open bars. Local market offers a variety
of fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood and meat. It is a nice place for people to spend time with their family or
14:00-16:00 Lunch at Oda, New Bazaar.
Eat Ottoman-style in a truly traditional restaurant, sitting at low tables in a reconstructed Oda (guest room)
in an old Ottoman-era house. Surrounded by shelves with dishes, strings of garlic and peppers and old
photographs, it’s best to allow the waiters to suggest a succession of appetisers and mains. The food is
fresh and delicious (try the lakror në saç oven-baked pie), unforgettable even after washing it all down
with several glasses of their home-made raki. Find it down a little alley on the north side of the road.
Location: between Rr. e Barrikadeve and Sheshi Avni Rushtemi.
~If you want to enjoy some fresh fish instead of the traditional Albanian food than you should go for lunch at “Markata e Peshkut”. Markata e Peshkut is one the best fish restaurants in Tirana, that offers traditional Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. Markata is located near the centre of Tirana, at the New Bazaar, near the “AvniRustemi” square.~

16:15-18:15 Visit Museum of Secret Surveillance : House of Leaves
The building known as the “House of Leaves” (so called because of the clambering plant covering its
facade) has now been made into the Museum of Secret Surveillance. It is the newest museum in Albania
and certainly the most intriguing one that tries to narrate visitors, one of the darkest periods of the
country’s history.As the history of Albania itself under the Communist dictatorship that lasted almost half
a century, the House of Leaves also, was covered for a long time with all sorts of legends and it comprised
the unknown, a mystery. Whispers of people and rustling of leaves… By opening the doors of this house,
presenting the activities that were conducted in full secrecy and many other things related to it, this
museum will unfold simultaneously aspects of Albanian society in the conditions of a regime that aimed at
the total control over the human bodies and souls. Interceptions, checks, spying … that brought arrests,
interments, tortures, severe punishments for quite many innocent people … This museum is dedicated to

18:30-19:30 Visit Reja (the Cloud)
Reja (the Cloud) is a modern art installation placed in front of the National Gallery of Arts. Well, let’s say
that Reja turned into an official selfie spot in two days (Fact: yes, you’re going to be called weird if you
come to Tirana and don’t take a picture inside “The Cloud”).
19:30-20:30 Visit Tirana Castle and “Pedonale”
Tirana Castle is located at “Pedonalja e Tiranes”, near Toptani Shopping Center. Also known at the
Fortress of Justinian, a name that’s as equally misleading, all that remains of this former military
stronghold dating from some time between the 4th and 6th centuries AD are a short section of defensive
wall and some of the original foundations that have been incorporated into the modern pedestrian street it
can be found along. Of possible interest is the fact that the castle remains mark the point from which
today’s city is generally believed to have started growing.
Also, at “pedonale” you can visit the souvenir shop there and fin a lot of interesting stuff about the history
and the culture of Albania.
21:00- Dinner at à la Santé
The restaurant à la Santé marked its opening in 2013, ranking the first place among the best 5 restaurants
in Tirana. Few meters away from the main street, in the so-called Block, this dining place has two rooms
and a porch, where one can have pleasantly undisturbed meals. The philosophy of the restaurant has its
foundation on healthy food. The dishes, wisely combined, contain seasonal veggies, generally being
cooked in oven or steam. Furthermore, à la Santé brings special dishes in Tirana, such as Quinoa with
Truffle, Tabbouleh (of Lebanon cuisine, adapted for à la Santé), Kosher (of Egyptian cuisine, and
elaborated yogurt with seeds in addition). The menu of à la Santé includes numerous Albanian traditional
dishes, vegetarian or vegan dishes, and also dishes of the clients’ preferences. In addition, à la Santé gives
the clients the possibility to choose what to eat referring their blood type. Another aspect to be considered
is that the friendly staff of à la Santé is much concerned in fulfilling its clients’ requests.
After the dinner you can go at one of “Blloku” bars to enjoy any cocktail, beer or whatever.
We suggest you places like: “Dada”, “Whisky”, “Nouvelle Vague” or “Colonial” (great cocktails there).

Day Three Tirana Outdoor and Dajti adventure Park
Breakfast in the hostel
10:00-11:00 Enjoy a coffee at “Komiteti-Kafe Muzeum”
So many coffee shops and bars in Tirana and you have to come up with some really different idea just
to get people to notice you and Komiteti-Kafe Muzeum got that right. The name actually says it itself,
“Komiteti-Kafe Muzeum” means: a coffee shop and a museum at the same time. The place’s interior
design is inspired by the communism era in Albania: the furniture, the walls and even the toilet (not
weird at all). Komiteti is also the only place in Tirana that has 18 types of different “raki” which is a
famous alcoholic drink in Albania. Another thing to appreciate about Komiteti is the fact that the staff
is willing to explain all the different objects that are part of the little museum inside the coffee shop.
It’s one of the few places that kinda has it all.
Location: Fatmir Haxhiu Pallati 2, Tirana 1001, Albania +355 69 262 5514

After enjoying some parts of Tirana, now, we suggest you to go outdoor and enjoy the freshness of Dajti
Mountain, as one of the most interesting and beautiful sights of our city.
The last day in Tirana should be a day to remember, so you need an adventure as Dajti adventure Park is.
11:00-12:30 Visit Bunk’ART 1
Bunk’art 1 used to be just an underground cold war bunker. Now it’s a museum dedicated to the history of
the Albanian Communist Army and to the daily lives of Albanians during the regime’s years.You’ve
probably heard that our ex communist leader Enver Hoxha really had a soft spot for bunkers. This one
located at the root of the Dajti Mountain was probably his favorite, as it is one of three largest bunkers ever
built in Albania, spanning a network of tunnels some 2 km long.
We suggest you should take a taxi to go there. Meter taxis are available for hire across the city centre. You
can flag one down anywhere in the city, the charge from the centre to Dajti Ekspres varies from 700 to
1000 leke one-way.

Tip: Always ask the driver to put on the meter or alternatively negotiate a fixed price before you get in.
“Merr Taxi” only 590 lek(about 5euros) The same offer is available for the return journey
CALL : 0800 55 55
You can find all the informations and other possibilities to arrive there at this link

13:00-15:00 Dajti adventure Park (8minutes by foot from Bunk’ART 1)
Dajti Ekspres, Albania’s most popular tourist attraction. Located just outside the city, the Austrian built
cable car will whisk you away to the complex at the top of Dajti Mountain on the longest cableway in the
15:00-17:00 Traditional food with the most incredible views across Albania at “Restaurant Ballkoni
Built on the edge of Dajti Mountain at just over 1000 metres above sea level is Resturant Ballkoni Dajtit.
Overlooking the city of Tirana and backed by the mountains, the view from inside the restaurant is
renowned for its breathtaking views of the landscape which on a clear day stretch as far as the coastal city
of Durres and the Adriatic Sea.Situated at the front of the Dajti Ekspres complex, the restaurant can be
spotted as you reach the top of the mountain in your cable car.
After enjoying Dajti Mountain experience, then go back to Tirana. (u can use the taxi as you did to go
19:00-21:00 Visit “Mother Teresa Square” and “Grand Park of Tirana”
21:00- Dinner at Serendipity restaurant
Serendipity restaurant is one of best restaurants in Tirana. It is a Mexican one. It is located in Blloku area
near Grand Park of Tirana.The food at Serendipity (or Meksikani) is very delicious and the price is very
good. Even when you are not hungry, from the first moment you think of Serendipity, you immediately get
hungry. Furthermore, Serendipity restaurant offers a very beautiful environment and a lively atmosphere.
Serendipity is very well decorated with the elements of Mexican culture, thus representing a Mexican
environment without any doubt. When you’re having that delicious Mexican food, very often in the
company of live music, then of course the evening will be wonderful.

~You have also a lot of other international restaurants in Tirana. You can go to Umami, Fancy, Artigiano or Padam (Gourmet Restaurants).~
After that you can enjoy for the last day the Tirana’s nightlife at “Rruga e Sales” or “Mustafa Matohiti” at
bars like Muma Bistro Bar or Meduza, and Tirana Rock, of course.

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Have fun and enjoy Tirana as an adventure…